​And Welcome to the Pinto Horse Association of Western Washington’s website. Our friends call us PtHAWW, and since we have never met a stranger, call us PtHAWW! We are an enthusiastic member based charter club of the Pinto Horse Association of America.
Our goals are to promote the Pinto, and we have been doing just that since 1971. Our two biggest fund raising events are our Pinto shows. We welcome, horses, ponies, miniature horses and our newest friends, are the Utility Horse division. These spectacular world class Pintos are exhibited in open, youth and amateur divisions. And a lesser known fact, not only do we encourage our spotted friends, we also share the spotlight with our Solid Bred horses. As you can tell, there is something for everyone. We are a truly diverse group and we welcome all Pinto enthusiasts.

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Belief makes things imaginable 
Hope transforms things into possibilities 
Dedication, hard work, and friendship make it all happen 
Let's make it happen in 2015!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All -
Nannette Brooks
PtHAWW President 2014-15

Next PtHAWW Club meeting January 12, 2015 at Hawks Prairie Restaurant