​                                                PtHAWW Presidents Message
                                                        February 19, 2015

Spring is almost here and show season is about to begin. We are planning an innovative show schedule with lots of programs designed to give back to you, the club members and the exhibitors!
I would like to thank those folks that helped us get from last year to this year (in no particular order): Pat and Jim Campbell, Deborah Hoines, Vanessa Johnson-Smith, Christine Lyon, Ellen Berg, Judy Daugherty, Laura Miller, Molly Clark, Sheryl Raff, Joanna Hansen, Joan Storlie, Jim Owens, Jon Yates, Zoe Yates, Trevor Rollins, Lisa Peterson-Jacques, and Crisann Brooks. I thank you! 
If I over looked someone’s efforts, please say something. I feel it is important to recognize the efforts to help make PtHAWW successful. Shows don’t just happen. It is tremendous effort put forward.  
The show committee puts forward a suggested show format
The general membership decides on it
Members collect sponsorship and work at fundraising 
Awards are decided on (ideas are brought to the membership)
We arrived on the grounds: And the real work begins!
Here is your chance to make a difference. We can offer more and better awards, work towards keeping our fees from rising (not just entry fees, but stalls and RV parking), and work towards an equine responsible association.  
We have a show committee meeting February 22, 2015 and a general membership meeting March 9, 2015. There are still spots open to be on the Show Committee. With the new Constitution and Bylaws recently passed, the committee could expand. Members now have more of an opportunity to shape the show year. Take advantage of it! All are welcomed and listened to.
We will also need to finalize what our volunteer base will be for both shows. June is the most important date to confirm. You don’t have time to volunteer? By volunteering a small amount of time, does not mean you will be “stuck” all day doing something and feel abandoned. You are in control of how much time you can give and what you would like to help with. Last year we had a few youth members step forward and help with the out gate and awards out of the goodness of their horse family upbringing. And surprise, two visitors that were former members helped out by overseeing some of the operations. I think that is inspiring. I will be making an extra effort to help out. I plan to be available for the gaming classes for set and tear down. I am eager to hear from you!

Nannette Brooks
PtHAWW President 2014-15

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PtHAWW Horse Show Committee Meeting
February 22, 2015
Round Table Pizza
1-2:20 pm 
Everyone Welcome 
Next PtHAWW Club meeting March 9, 2015 at Hawks Prairie Restaurant
Thanks to our Sponsors for 2014 that helped make our shows season so successful!

The Roof Doctor
Kiperts Trailer Sales
Tack Room Too
Tahoma Veterinary 
Black River Auto
The Lyon's Den
Tami Whitt Show Horses
Tina Wolf Riding Acadamey
Equine Medical Services
Triple Oak Farm
Sensation Farms Limeberry
 Ocean Sportfishing Charters
Pacific NW Ribbon 
Vandorm Reality


1. PtHAWW is having a Show Committee Meeting on February 22, 2015.  It will be at Round Table Pizza from 1-2:30pm.  Everyone is invited to come and bring their ideas for Show High Point awards.  Hope to see you there! 
2. We have a new page on this site called Sponsors.  Check it out for information on our sponsor and for the 2015 Sponsorship form.
3.  Triple Oak Farm is sponsoring a School Show to benefit the PtHAWW Horse Show Association of Western Washington at Flying M on March 14,2015.  A flyer, class list and entry form are on the Forms and Files page.
4.  Check each month for the Minutes and Newsletters on the Forms and Files page of this Website.
5.  Don't forget that Club membership dues are due to be sent to Jim Campbell before April 1, 2015.  The 2015 Membership form is on the Forms and Files page.