2016 PtHAWW Membership 
Please note that this year the membership fee has gone up $5.00.

Next PtHAWW Club meeting NONE IN APRIL  
at Hawks Prairie Restaurant

​1. ATTENTION:  Credit Cards are NOT being accepted at the PtHAWW Shows.

2. Look on the forms and files page for the Show, Series and Yearend point standings.

4. Check each month for the Minutes on the Forms and Files page of this Website.

Are you ready!!  Our first show of the 2016 season is upon us.  Here are the patterns:
    2016 April - Friday show patterns
    2016 April - Saturday show patterns
    2016 April - Sunday show patterns
    2016 Mini/Pony Hunter/Jumper pattern
2016 April - Obstacle Driving
2016 April - English Showmanship WT
2016 April - Reinsmanship w/clarification 
**NOTE:  Mini/Pony will be the Walk/Trot trail pattern**

2015 Show season is now in the books and it is time to turn out attention to the 2016 Show season.  That is right around the corner.  April 1-3 2016 is PtHAWW's first show.  Get the long johns out for you and your horse and mark this date on your calendar.  Here is the 2016 Show Premium and April Show Class List.  

Also there is a new program that PtHAWW and Cascade are going together to do.  Here is the link to the New Program.  After you read through the paper work and you have questions please contact our President Deb Hoines at