PtHAWW - Sponsorship Form

Thank you to the following 2021 Buckle Sponsors!!  We are VERY appreciative !!

August Extravaganza Show Sponsors

Cheryl Wright ~~~ AM Solid





Let's Go April Show Sponsors

Tina Keogh and Cheri Swettenam (Gold Dust Farm) ~~~  AM Stock/Hunter

Teri and Mackenzie Blair ~~~ AM Solid

Cheryl Wright ~~~ Open Solid

Cook’s Country Creations  ~~~ Youth

VanMar Arabian/Pintos  ~~~ Youth Solid

Tina Johnson ~~~ Youth Stock/Hunter

Kathy Good Training ~~~ W/T Amateur,  OTAB W/T,  & Open Stock/Hunter

Lana & Samantha Weinmann ~~~ Youth Mini/Pony 

Tina Bell Training ~~~ Open Pony

Painted Valley Farms LLC ~~~ Novice Amateur

Anne Monteith ~~~ Amateur Pony

MJD Arabian/Pintos ~~~ Pleasure

2n4 Legged Massage ~~~ Open Mini A

Sharon Hedlund ~~~ TBD

Jean & Sondrea Garcia ~~~ TBD

Paulson Training ~~~ TBD

Joan Storlie ~~~ TBD

Olympic Ribbon Art ~~~ April Let's Go Show

                                          Champion Of Champion Neck Ribbon










Thank you to our 2020 PtHAWW Sponsors!!!



Olympic RibbonArt donation for April 202