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Pinto Horse Association of Western Washington is a 501(c)5 Non-Profit association.  Organized and existing under the Non-Profit laws of the State of Washington.

2021 Forms - Membership and Sponsorship - are now on the specific page on the website. Please join PtHAWW for a fun time and Sponsor if you can. We truly need Sponsors to continue putting on GREAT Pinto shows!!!! Thank you in advance!!! 

THANK YOU and SINCERE APPRECIATION to ALL of the 2021 PtHAWW sponsors! Without you...we could not be hosting a show this year!!!  Please click the below to see our PtHAWW list of Sponsors.



Thank you again!!!




PtHAWW will NOT be having the annual Year End Awards banquet due to COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. See the Highpoint Listing on the Year End Awards page.

Hoping for better times in 2021!!!!! 







2021 Show Dates


APRIL 9-11, 2021

AUGUST 20-22, 2021


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